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Term Dates 2016 Formal 2015 Dux 2014 Valedictory 2014 Technology Scholarships State Spec 2014 Little Shop of Horrors Premier's Award Assembly Highlights State Spec 2013 Parent Tech Night Meet The Mentor 2014 Dux 2013 Night Market natconcon14 Class of 2013 Last Day MMAD 2013 last dance act Thailand 2013 Wind Turbine Energy Grant Ski Camp 2013 Dress Up Day 2013 Formal 2013 Year 10 Program Thailand 2013 Live on the Deck Y12 Retreat 2013 Ridolfi-WAAPA Newbies Day One Barista Day 2012 Thailand Pumpkin Valley State School Spectacular Valedictory Dinner Royal Children's Hospital School Dux Sports Day Sailing Camp Surf Camp